you dare to be your talent

Others said about me

"He gave me a useful foundation how to live my inner talent. Since then I build myself more mindfully." (Eszter, 28, marketing manager)

"I likes his style, I could trust him, a real professional. He helped us and the management to find our real strength in leading. We discovered new values within ourselves by pushing us gently to our boundaries. " (Júlia, 33, HR manager)

"It was a special program that I have never experienced. I got a deep understanding on how to influence others and find the way to myself that can be genuine to others." (János, 43, key account executive)

"I learned how to work better with my colleagues. Miklós showed me in a brilliant way how do it through new possibilities and methods." (Dávid, 45, könyvelő)

"He helped me find the areas of my talent and how to handle problematic situations, find motivation and how to break down the walls blocking me." (Miklós, 38, engineer)