you dare to be your talent

While my mother was expecting me she constantly listened to three pieces: Tchaikovsky piano concerto in b-moll, Chopin piano concerto in e-moll and Mendelson's violin concerto.

However, as a grown up I chose a rational field to work in, I became an economist and a businessman. I learned a lot about how to be successful and that success has nothing to do with happiness. One can be very successful but have no idea how to realize his dreams. At one point I as brave enough to ask myself: who am I? And then the research started and still lasts...

Miklós Poós

Organizational consultant, trainer, keynote speaker and accredited Unitivet™ Coach. Economist, MBA, mental hygiene professional. Has more than 2000 hours of coaching experience, spent 15 years to help opening up potential talents of leaders of companies such as Porsche, Siemens or Microsoft.

Currently he is the general manager of Hungary's leading coaching institute KANOA Group Hungary ( So far he helped 50.000 employees over the years, he used his talent in many countries and continents.

His specialties are attitude development, organizational changes and motivation.

"Everybody has a talent in something. As a coach I helped my clients to find their talents within and open it up hence creating resources and supports business goals"