I am Miklós Poós,

conductor of trainings preparing people to consciously benefit of their talent.

Talent is a gift. Something you can wonder about, bigger than me, not mine but was given to me to care for and to protect.

I have to know my own worth. To do so I use the piano, a colorful electronic instrument for self-expression. It touches the listeners who also want to know how to influence and touch others.

To do so we have to have a clear picture of who we are. Who am I and what do I excel at? Then we have to experience how the others see us. Comparing this to what we think about ourselves can be painful. Finally, I have to know what my goal is and from that what it is that I already have. And where these three things meet, there I am already genuine at this moment. This where it is worth to start and during my sessions I help the participants to find this point.