you dare to be your talent

I have seen both sides of the stage and I have learned what it takes to unveil and get on with our own uniqueness and talent. Join me at my training sessions with your colleagues or on your own to get more productive, to have a greater impression on the people around you, or to simply enjoy a more meaningful life.

My instrument.
My method.

In my programs I not only use the conventional training tools but the piano too. Music turns on the deeper part of a personality, reaches the subconscious, moves the emotions, inspires and supports the methods of psychology.

The piano of life

My trainings are tailor-made to suit your professional and personal goals and consider your needs and situations you encounter. My goal is to provide an experience that enables anyone to reach out and use his/her own talent even in the most intensive moments of a workday. My interactive programme for the public is inviting participants to a journey to get to know themselves and to discover their inner resources, successful daily routines and joyful life.

How may your life change?

Anybody wishing to work more consciously or to express him-/herself more efficiently or just aiming to enjoy a more meaningful life can benefit from my method to discover his/her own uniqueness and to understand how he/she is different from other people. This is crucial for successful teamwork, efficient interpersonal communications and to strengthen one's self-esteem. This is the first step on the way leading one to express him/herself as if he/she was an experienced performing artist.

Why is talent important?

Though talent has become a fashionable topic in recent years, it still stays in the background in daily life for the most of us. People seldom know what potentials they possess despite these potentials could greatly enhance their lives at their workplaces, homes or while raising their kids. Such potentials are not only relevant to artists but to everybody.


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